My name is Time.

Not one thing bears in itself the principle of its permanence.
How long does an object last. Which transformations does it go through ?
How does it remain in our thoughts : last step of its existence ?
In this stage of the work, we use objects that contain everyday life, objects we use all the time, furniture, pets...
Realized by moulding in wax , fat or soap, due to be melted, burned, or heaten.
It’s the contrary concept of lasting : the constant transformation into different forms.
We can see their alteration in the successive formal ways until they become their own remains : electrical stuctures, stains, liquids, puddles or nothing at all.
The remaining wax is moulded again and again in another shape , changing shapes everytime it’s melted, different ways of melting, different expériences, different lives in the very same material.
Wax is fat. Fat has a very bad reputation , and Soap that is made from fat can wash it all.
These three materials combine a very large field of investigation.

Introduction to the work in progress "FAT"